Business Advice & Contracts


Starting and running a business has its complexities which is why businesses choose to consult us and avoid falling foul of the law. Our knowledgeable team not only ensures your business operates within the law, but can also identify potential benefits and alternative ideas that lead to increased success.


Instead of risking weeks, months or even years of hard work over a missed legal point, let our professional team advise you and remove any uncertainty – giving you the confidence to do what you do best.


Where Savas & Savage Can Help


Our team can advise on the following

  • Taxation
  • Loans & finance
  • Partnership arrangements
  • VAT
  • Incorporation
  • Contracts (see below)

…and every other aspect of setting up and running a business.


Contracts – Drawing up and Solving Disputes


Contracts can be complex documents but if you're looking to solve a dispute or create a new contract in order to avoid a future dispute, we're here to help.


For more information simply call us now on 0800 328 3823 or visit our contact page