Care Home Neglect


Generally, care homes provide an important and priceless service in looking after the elderly. They carry out a tough task in a thoughtful and considerate manner. However there are some instances where care homes do not provide the level of care which is expected. Whether its poor healthcare or bullying and abuse, there are numerous possible reasons for care home neglect. If a relative or a loved one has suffered as a result of care home neglect, we can help you make a successful claim.


At Savas and Savage, we understand that care home negligence can cause a huge amount of distress and anguish for those involved. Being betrayed by those who are in a position of considerable trust is particularly difficult to handle. It can cause massive psychological damage and leave a permanent scar for the rest of your life. Our team of solicitors know that we cannot undo the traumatic experience you or a loved one may have gone through. We can, however, help you fight the perpetrators and claim compensation. Our solicitors are vastly experienced in dealing with care home neglect and can help you bring your case forward. We deal with each case with sensitivity and understanding and we pride ourselves in helping our clients in any way possible throughout this difficult situation.


Care home neglect can manifest itself in many ways. From malnutrition, bed sores and dehydration to medical errors and injuries, noticing sudden changes in the appearance or behaviour of a loved one may be a warning sign. The appearance of bruises and cuts or dramatic weight loss are also indications of care home neglect which should be investigated immediately. If you or a loved one have suffered from care home neglect, call us for a free, no obligation chat. Our solicitors can advise you on how to bring your case forward and get the compensation you deserve.