Sports Injury


The new focus on a healthy lifestyle has led to many of us picking up a variety of sports. The healthiest of the ever-expanding number of social activities, sports are a great way to stay in shape in a fun and enjoyable manner. Whilst participating in sporting activity, many of us accept there is a risk of some sort of injury, especially if you play fast-paced, contact sports such as football, rugby, basketball etc.


However, there can be occasions when serious injuries occur through no fault of our own. The injury can be down to the recklessness of an opponent or the poor state of the playing surface and equipment. If you have suffered a sports injury and are unsure whether you are entitled to claim, call our friendly team of personal injury solicitors. Once we have the full details with regards to how your injury occurred, we can advise you on how to proceed with your claim. We have dealt with many sports injury compensation cases and have successfully claimed thousands of pounds for our clients. A successful sports injury compensation claim is dependent on being able to prove another person was responsible for your injury.


If you have questions or queries with regards to a sports injury claims, call our expert personal injury solicitors for a free, no obligation chat. We will offer you practical legal advice and, if necessary, act swiftly to build up all the relevant evidence to make your claim successful. At Savas and Savage, we work on a purely no win no fee basis, ensuring you suffer no financial loss in the pursuit of your claim.