Motorbike Accidents


At Savas and Savage, our specialist personal injury solicitors can help you with a whole array of personal injury issues. Our solicitors deal with many different road traffic cases every day including motorbike accidents. Unfortunately, people who ride motorbike are more vulnerable than car drivers. Due to the lack of protection that a person has when on a motorbike, bikers are much more likely to sustain serious and life-threatening injuries than a car driver. Motorcyclists also have issues that car drives do not have to put up with. Small spillages, potholes and generally defective roads are far more dangerous for a motorbike than for a car or lorry.


Our personal injury solicitors are vastly experienced in all forms of motorbike accidents. From objects on the road and spillages to defective roads and overtaking, we regularly deal with all types of motorbike accidents, and have successfully claimed compensation for a countless number of clients. We will not only help you to claim compensation, we also ensure that you will recover any losses you have incurred as a result of your accident. This includes wage losses, medical treatment, bike repair, physiotherapy, insurance policy excess and so on.


If you have suffered as a result of a motorbike accident and it wasn’t your fault, call us for a free, no obligation chat. Our friendly team of solicitors can advise you as to the best course of action and show you how to proceed with your claim.