Cycling Accidents


If you have been involved in a cycling accident that wasn’t your fault, you may be entitled to compensation. Unfortunately cycling accidents have increased in frequency over the last few years. Cyclists are now considered to be the most vulnerable road users, with the bicycle offering little protection in any serious accident. We have previously claimed compensation for a number of clients involved in cycling accidents, all on a no win, no fee basis.


It is rare for cyclists to walk away from road traffic accidents unharmed. The lack of protection means that even outwardly minor injuries may turn into something more serious. Our personal injury solicitors will ensure you receive the compensation you deserve as well reimbursement for any financial losses. We can help you recover losses for wages, bicycle repairs, insurance policy excess, and rehabilitation treatments.


For a free, no obligation chat about a potential claim, call our friendly team of solicitors. We can inform you of all the laws and regulations that surround bicycle accidents. From the necessity of wearing helmets and reflective clothing to fitting lights and reflectors on your bike, we will take you through the importance of each regulation and advise you as to the best way to take things forward. We will also liaise with police and any witnesses and ensure all the appropriate paperwork is completed and verified. We understand the physical, psychological and financial issues that can arise due to a serious accident; this is why we aim to resolve your claim as quickly and as efficiently as we can.