Industrial Disease


If your health has been affected at work, we may be able to claim compensation for you. We aim to get you the maximum amount of compensation in a friendly and professional way.


Our industrial disease Solicitors are easy to talk to and have the experience to help you overcome any problems so that your industrial disease claim is dealt with quickly and effectively. We also promise that you will keep every penny of your compensation.


Our experts have a national reputation for dealing with all industrial disease claims, including:

    • Asbestos related illness- Mysosylioma- Asbestos related plural thickening- Other asbestos related lung cancer.
    • Occupational asthma.
    • Dermatitis.
    • Lead poisoning.
    • Skin cancer.
    • Bladder cancer.
    • Nasal cancer.
    • Lung cancer.

If you believe you have developed an illness or condition which is caused by work, it is important that you get medical advice immediately. If your doctor confirms that your illness is work related, we recommend that you seek legal advice about compensation and entitlement to benefits immediately.


To arrange a discussion with an industrial disease solicitor, click here, or call us free on 0800 328 3823.