Criminal Injury Compensation


If you are an innocent victim of violence who has been physically or mentally injured within the last two years you can apply for compensation from the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (CICA).


CICA is a government organisation which recognises that blameless victims of violent crime should be awarded damages for their pain and suffering both physical and mental.


You may be eligible to apply if:

    • You have been injured seriously enough to qualify for an award of at least £1000.
    • You have made an application within two years of the date of the event that caused your suffering and the crime was committed within England, Scotland or Wales.

Would the offender need to be arrested for me to claim?


Although the offender need not have been charged or convicted of the injury suffered, it is crucial that as much information as possible is submitted to the CICA so they may complete their enquiries and make a decision.


Here at Savas and Savage Solicitors Ltd we will assist you in obtaining the information required with completing the application form and look after the entire process for you.


How does CICA calculate compensation?


The Criminal Injuries Compensation Scheme 2001 operates a standard level of compensation for particular injury types and compensation is awarded depending on the type and level of injury suffered.


If the CICA are satisfied that you are entitled to be compensated for your suffering then a financial award may be made.


We will assist you in advising whether the offer is reasonable and fair.


Why Savas and Savage?


At Savas and Savage Solicitors Ltd, our expert team of personal injury Solicitors are greatly experienced in all forms of criminal injury claims. We have a history of helping our clients move past this traumatic incident in their lives and successfully claim for compensation. We work swiftly and efficiently to solve any criminal injury claim in the best interests of our client. We also understand the considerable amount of distress that can be caused because of criminal injuries, and we deal with each case with a great deal of sensitivity and understanding. If your injuries have resulted in a financial loss via lost wages and medical care, we will also ensure you recover all your costs. Along with lost earnings, we will also claim for cost of medicines and care/support.


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