Accidents in the Supermarket


If you have suffered an injury in an accident at a supermarket, you may be entitled to claim compensation. Going to the supermarket is a routine task for most people. Thousands of people frequent supermarkets every week, consequently there is great responsibility on the owners of every supermarket to provide the utmost safety for all customers. The majority of accidents in supermarkets occur due to slip, trips or falls with the most common cause being spillages and wet floors. It is the job of the supermarket to ensure any spillage is cleared up immediately and any wet floor is clearly marked by a highly visible sign. Other causes for trips and falls include tripping over items left on the floor such as boxes, packaging and trolleys, and falls on entrance steps or escalators.


If you have suffered from an accident in the supermarket, there are a few things you can do to aid your claim. Initially, report your accident to the manager and ensure the accident is recorded in an accident report form. If there are any witnesses available, ask for their names and contact details. Lastly, if possible, take photographs of the area where the accident occurred. If there is a spillage with no warning sign, make sure you capture this on camera if you can. By gathering evidence and reporting the incident, you will increase your chances of making a successful claim.


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