Accident at Work


If you have suffered an accident at work, as a result of which you have suffered injuries then Savas and Savage Solicitors Ltd have the expert Solicitors in this field to handle your claim against your Employer.


Why make a claim against your Employer?


Employers are under a duty to provide you with a safe system of work, and there are numerous rules and regulations which Employers must adhere to, the purpose of which is to prevent your work environment from becoming dangerous and to prevent any injury being caused to you in the course of your employment. If your Employer is found to be in breach of any of these rules and regulations as a result of which you have suffered injury then your Employer can be liable. It is therefore imperative that your Solicitor dealing with your claim has the required expertise to identify the applicable rules and regulations to your case and any breach of these your Employer may have committed.


At Savas and Savage Solicitors Ltd, our Solicitors have the required expertise in this field. Here are some examples of accident at work claims we deal with on behalf of our clients:

    • Slips and trips in the workplace due to dangerous surfaces.
    • Injury caused by the lack of adequate training being provided.
    • Injury caused by defective work equipment including dangerous machinery.
    • Injury caused by the lack of adequate personal protective equipment (such as safety goggles, gloves, safety helmets, boots and other protective clothing).
    • Injury caused by manual handling (such as carrying heavy loads etc).
    • Injury caused by exposure to harmful and dangerous substances.
    • Injury caused by the careless act of another employee.

What if my injury isn’t represented above?


As aforementioned, the above are only examples of some accident at work claims and here at Savas and Savage Solicitors Ltd we deal with many other types of such claims on behalf of our clients.


Therefore, any type of accident at work you may have suffered resulting in injury, no matter how straight forward, complex or out-of-the-ordinary you consider it may be, you can speak to us and we will be more than happy to address your queries and where your Employer is deemed liable, pursue your claim on your behalf with the goal of achieving a successful settlement.


Why Savas and Savage?


As well as the required expertise in the field of accident at work claims and identifying your Employer’s liability, it is also important for your Solicitor to have the required expertise in addressing the actual injury you have suffered, the appropriate medical experts required, any treatment you may need and all losses you have suffered because of your accident and injury, and thereby ensuring the maximum compensation you are entitled to. At Savas and Savage Solicitors Ltd, again we have the expertise you require.


So if you have suffered injury following an accident at work then to discuss this with us, click here or call us free on 0800 328 3823.