Stress at Work


While most employees expect to undergo a small amount of pressure at work, excessive pressure and stress can have a negative impact on ones physical and mental health.


Stress at work is caused by a wide variety of reasons. From excessively heavy workloads to bullying, whatever the cause, it is up to the employer to take control of the issue and protect the health and safety of all employees.


Employer Negligence


In work related stress cases, employees must be able to prove they have a psychiatric illness and that their employer violated their obligation to protect the health and safety of all employees. They must also be able to prove they were subject to an excessively stressful working environment where the employer was aware of the conditions but failed to take steps to rectify the issue.


Given that the causes for work related stress often vary and establishing the “proof” for a psychiatric illness can be difficult, the best way to move forward is to speak to solicitors who have experience in dealing with such claims.


Some common causes of stress at work can be:

    • Dealing with members of the public
    • Poor training
    • Excessive hours
    • Lack of control over workload
    • Monotonous work
    • Bullying

Some of the symptoms of workplace stress include the following:

    • Feeling anxious or depressed
    • Having difficulty concentrating
    • Difficulty sleeping
    • Social withdrawal
    • Fatigue
    • Headaches
    • Loss of sex drive

 No Win No Fee


If you have suffered from stress at work and some of the causes and symptoms listed above are relevant to your situation, we can help. Our specialist solicitors have extensive experience in dealing with work related stress claims and we have successfully claimed stress at work compensation for numerous clients.


Operating purely on a no win no fee basis, we do not expect clients to fund their claim or provide payments for any expenses.


If you are unsure as to whether you are eligible make a claim, call us for a free, no obligations chat. Our friendly team will give their expert opinion on your particular situation and advise you on how you can proceed.


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